Thursday, May 19, 2016

Finding Tachdjian’s

Question – how do I reach Tachdjian’s online at the hospital?

1. On the main Intranet portal in the pink column on the left, a direct link near the Medical Library website listing.

3. On the "Online Catalog" linking page, top line.

4. On the "Links" page, more information about Tachdjian's.

5. Once you’ve found it, you can save the link to your desktop.

6. For remote users see the Athens home page. Contact the Medical Library for an account. However, there is currently a problem with accessing that title and others from the vendor.

Tips -- a limited number of users can be on at any one time, so be sure to close the page (there's no real "log out" button). If you see an EBSCOhost page, do not try to sign in. Look for the OpenAthens link in tiny print.

The videos are only available in a folder on the public access Medical Library computers. Eventually they will be accessible on the network, and for those who purchase a copy, the scratch off link does include the videos.

Please contact the Medical Library with any questions or suggestions.

Websites Referenced

http://tsrhkids/intranet/#  (many of these are internal only)