Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Coming in January

In January check back for a list of websites that offer free education. Many are videos or audio files from college courses provided by major universities.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New books

Here are some of the books we've recently received that you can find on the new book shelves in the library or ask me to check out to you.

Open Shelves New Book Area

Dr. Mayo's Boy: a Century of American Medicine by Dr. Rob Tennery. A very readable memoir by a doctor about growing up as the son and grandson of a doctor, starting to go on rounds at the age of 5. Much of it is set in the Dallas area. Dr. Tennery is the brother in law of Dr. Carter.

Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World by Tracy Kidder. 2004.

Culturally Competent Care Guidebook and Cultural Competency Challenge CD-rom. from AAOS. 2007.

Orthopedic physical assessment. 2008.

Pediatric Nutrition Handbook. 2009.

Pediatric Nutrition in Practice. 2008.

Locked Case New Book Area (do not remove for long):

Adult and Pediatric Spine. Frymoyer. 2004.

Children's Orthopaedics in North America. 2006.

Orthopaedic Knowledge Update 9. 2008.

Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Spine 3. 2006.

Orthopaedic Knowledge Update: Musculoskeletal Infection. 2009.

Surgery of the Pediatric Spine. Kim. 2008.

Surgical Atlas of the Musculoskeletal System (Manual y atlas fotografico de anatomia del aparato locomotor -- in English). 2008.

Surgical Exposures in Orthopaedics. Hoppenfeld. 2009.

Online Only
We've recently added two online titles from Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. Access these via the link on the "online catalog" page of the library website:

The Conservative Scoliosis Treatment - 1st SOSORT Instructional Course Lectures Book (v.135, 2008)

Research into Spinal Deformities 6 (v.140, 2008)

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Unusual Views Out the Library Window

Not sure what was going on next door!
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Free Credit Report

This is the official place to obtain your free credit report from the credit reporting agencies. You can request it once a year from each agency, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian without charge. For an additional fee while you are there you can obtain the actual credit score number from that agency, or go to to buy the report and score. A recent use of Experian to buy a score did not require signing up and later canceling a credit monitoring service, which Transunion did require.

Websites referenced:

Cut Down on Unwanted Mail and Calls

Here are some resources that can help you protect your identity, your credit and your wallet.

1. National Do Not Call Registry Register your home or mobile phone number for free to cut down on telemarketing calls. You can also call 1-888-382-1222.

2. DMAchoice -- a mail preference service offered by the Direct Marketing Association. This service divides direct mail into four categories: credit offers, catalogs, magazine offers (including subscription offers, newsletters, periodicals and other promotional mailings) and other mail offers (this includes donation requests, bank offers, retail promotions and more). For each of these categories, you can choose whether or not you want to receive mail from companies one at a time. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to stop receiving mail for all companies you haven't purchased from or donated to within an entire category. Any choices you make will be effective for three years from the date you make them. 212-768-7277, x1500

OptOut PreScreen
The official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry website to accept and process requests from consumers to Opt-In or Opt-Out of firm offers of credit or insurance. You can also call 1-888-567-8688.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Window Washing

Today I looked out and what did I see -- a window washer! the weather said it was right at 32 degrees when I first saw him. Later he appeared in the library window.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yes, that is snow on the ground as seen from the library window! Didn't last long though!
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APA Releases New Edition of Style Manual

The American Psychological Association has recently released the new 6th edition of their Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, After release it was discovered that many errors had slipped through in the published version, so they provided purchasers with revised copies. We now have 2 copies of this manual in the Medical Library at WZ 345 P976 2010 and in Reference.

This website is a good supplemental source of information on APA style, which is a standard adopted by many nursing publications.

You can find more information about writing via the Medical Library “Links” page under “Editorial Writing Style.”

Teamwork and Dancing Pink Gloves

This is a really neat YouTube -- worth forwarding this blog link home to watch. It is a great cross section of hospital department staff having fun dancing with pink gloves on! Watch for the library shot!

It was made at Providence St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, Oregon, together with a medical supply company called Medline to support breast cancer awareness.

This is a great example of a teamwork project. They already have over 2 million hits.