Friday, April 22, 2011

History of Dallas Medicine Online Exhibit Opens at UTSW Library

Dallas Medical History, 1890-1975: A Digital Collection has been unveiled on the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Library website. It includes two parts, a collection of 500 images from the UT Southwestern Archives and History of Medicine collections in that Library and a more detailed exhibit of 60 selected Medical Care Milestones in Dallas, 1890-1975 . Although focused mostly on Southwestern, St. Paul and Parkland it includes other Dallas hospitals. Find 3 shots of TSRHC by searching "scottish" in their search boxes.

According to the archivist for the project "the CONTENTdm software used for the repository allows users to download images for use in PowerPoint presentations. The exhibit’s OMEKA software allows users to share photos with others on Facebook."

If for non-commercial, personal, or research use, materials may be reproduced (printed, photocopied, or downloaded) without prior permission. Unless another source for the item is noted, please credit Library, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas as the source.

For more information, contact the Archivist and History of Medicine Librarian, at the Library, UT Southwestern Medical Center.

The project was developed through a grant from the National Library of Medicine to the Archives and History of Medicine collection at UT Southwestern.

On a related topic, an article from Science describes the beginnings of the Southwestern Medical School and its research program back in 1951.

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