Sunday, December 19, 2010

Demise of Delicious -- not yet!

If you have taken advantage of Delicious, the bookmarking site that enables you to reach your bookmarks from any computer, you will be sorry to hear that Yahoo intends to discontinue the service. However, Delicious later on the 17th reported it will not shut down and is looking for a new partner. This is an example of how things can change suddenly in the land of Web 2.0.

To preserve your bookmarks, you can export them. The result will be a webpage that looks like a list of links. Your descriptions will be visible, but not the subject tags. Tags are captured by the export, they are just not visible (right click and look at the Notepad source information). However, you will no longer be able to reach any bundles.

Although a number of alternatives have been mentioned, none yet appear to offer as many features. Possible options mentioned by others, but I have not studied any of them: