Sunday, February 28, 2010

Solar Energy -- Monthly Leasing Now Available

Have you considered solar energy but the upfront cost was just too much? TXU has announced a leasing program with free installation of panels. They estimate that a 3- or 4-bedroom home might initially cost about $35 a month on the 15-year, transferable lease, increasing 2.5% annually. However, the end result should be an energy savings, so hopefully the lease would pay for itself. TXU customers can sell TXU Energy the surplus electricity produced. Actual lease prices run $20 - $100 per month.

Homeowners in the Metroplex can qualify if they have broadband Internet service and good credit -- and sufficient south-facing roof space. Your roof should be in good condition before installation. SolarCity provides the solar panels, installation, maintenance and insurance.

Documents needed are a copy of your bill and a record of your kilowatt hour usage for each of the past 12 months (available from your electricity provider).

Learn more and sign up for a quote at or call 877-TXU-SOLAR.