Saturday, August 14, 2010

NAVTEQ Traffic Map

Are you enjoying the traffic map IS has provided near the Skybridge to the parking garage?

The NAVTEQ Traffic site provides a great visual resource for real time traffic conditions. It shows the DFW Metroplex with red, yellow, black, and green lines based on status.

To locate and use the map, select the "Traffic" tab at the site, then select Dallas-Fort Worth,TX. In the upper left corner of the map you will see a faint circle and squares that become active and let you move and focus the map for more detail on your area of interest.

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Free Things on Your Birthday

Give yourself a gift by checking out this website that tries to track all the free meals, admissions, and gifts you can get on your birthday. Most require that you register for their email newsletter.

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Source: Kim Komando's Cool Site of the Day 8-13-2010