Thursday, March 28, 2013

Genetics Resources

Genetics information aimed at health care consumers is available at Genetics Home Reference. High school students and teachers are the focus of the information offered on GeneEd Web. Both sites provide materials understandable to someone wanting an overview or beginning a study of genetics. They were created by the National Library of Medicine and the National Human Genome Institute.

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“Point to Talk” to Your Patient

“Point to Talk” is a handy list of written questions in about 20 languages that help a patient and caregiver communicate when language is a barrier. Simply point to the appropriate question and the patient can point to the answer. Click on a language on the Point to Talk page to find the "Discomforts and Requests" sheet, offered as a free online sample. The lengthier AHA award-winning booklets “English in the Hospital” include illustrations and many more topics, and are available for purchase from Massachusetts General Hospital.

Linked with permission of MGH Interpreter Services. For more foreign language and culture resources see the Medical Library website. Please call Family Services for TSRHC interpreter assistance.

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